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We invite you to discover a world where fine art crystallises into contemporary tableware, where European craftsmanship brings your personal design vision to life, and where the extraordinary elevates the every day. Discover the world of Fairfax & Roberts Home.

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Create the Extraordinary

From the home of Fairfax & Roberts, Australia’s first fine jeweller, comes the epitome of elegance: Fairfax & Roberts Home bespoke tableware. Over our 160-year history, we have crafted treasured possessions and heirlooms for princes, governors and many of Australia’s finest families. This rich heritage and unique bespoke experience has enabled us to evolve our offering into tailored tableware.

As Australia’s first atelier of tableware, we translate your vision into designs that are exquisitely crafted onto the finest Limoges porcelain. With skills honed over generations, our French manufacturer ensures that every piece is a handmade work of art, designed to embody the unique style of your family, lifestyle and homes, and become an heirloom in the future.

Europe’s premier tableware

To complement our bespoke offering, Fairfax & Roberts Home also offers the sophistication and grandeur of Europe’s premier tableware brands. Stunning ranges from these houses, who have been crafting luxury for the world’s finest families for decades, are now available to you via our exclusive partnerships.

Discover the extraordinary and visit our flagship showroom to view a complete range of dinnerware, crystal, decor and silverware not previously available in Australia.

Beautifully designed and crafted objects elevate everyday actions into remarkable moments by perfectly marrying art with utility in a sensual, touchable form. Each piece has the ability to inspire and delight while enabling you to share memorable experiences.

Create the extraordinary with No.19’s bespoke tableware service, or experience our exclusive brands, and discover the difference beautiful design can make in your world.

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No.19 Bespoke French Porcelain

For seven generations, our French porcelain studio has been perfecting and refining their skills and expertise in crafting some of the world’s finest tableware. Formed, fired and finished in their atelier in Limoges - the small French city regarded as the porcelain capital of the world - each piece is imbued with both masterful technique and aesthetic perfection. Here, amongst the cobbled laneways of this historic town, heritage melds with contemporary creativity to produce unparalleled luxury tableware.

Bring your story to life with porcelain pieces designed exclusively for you by No.19 and crafted to the highest of standards by our French porcelain manufacturer.

No.19 Eclipse Bowls

Elevate an everyday moment to an extraordinary experience with No.19’s exclusive range of Eclipse Bowls. Named for their iridescent and enlightened form, this is a rare collection of innovative and functional tableware, where state-of-the-art methods are used to create ethereal, elegant bowls of unsurpassed quality.

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Hand-crafted in Europe, these unique crystal and glass creations are minimalist in their aesthetics, functional in their design and exceptional in their beauty. Each bowl is accurately mouth-blown - coating layers of glass with stainless steel or titanium* to create a mirror effect that both radiates and reflects the exquisite artistry of the technique.