Bespoke Tableware crafted from Limoges Porcelain

Bespoke Tableware crafted from Limoges Porcelain

Radiant white, delicate, transparent and yet extremely robust, connoisseurs appreciate the unmistakable luminosity of Limoges porcelain, regarding the ‘white gold’ as the definition of quality.

Elegant and sophisticated, the No.19 Collection by Fairfax & Roberts Home is exclusively crafted from Limoges porcelain – considered the finest hard porcelain in the world.

Deriving from raw, local and natural ingredients from Limoges France, a city southwest of Paris, the porcelain predates Roman times standing as a one of a kind art form which cannot be emulated.

What are the characteristics of Limoges Porcelain?

  • Radiant white complexion: The radiancy from Limoges is due to feldspar, quartz and only the purest kaolin materials being used in production.
  • Delicate transparency: The translucency of Limoges creates a sophisticated beauty and graceful elegance which exudes luxury and quality. 
  • High standard of hardness: The resistance of Limoges porcelain is unmatched with any other. The higher proportion of kaolin used in addition to the high firing temperature creates porcelain so elegant yet hard in nature, making it extremely rigid.
  • Unique craftsmanship: Limoges is characterised by the elaborate handicraft and highest quality of workmanship used to create each unique piece. 
  • Protected name: Due to its unprecedented nature, production against counterfeiting is vital. No.19 pieces are crafted only from the world’s most highly regarded fine porcelain.
  • Limoges marks - Limoges Porcelain marks carry a designation by the French government. Marks originate not from a particular studio but from rather a group of studios in the region choosing to use the standardised Limoges marks. Elements (including the traces of soil) needed to produce these delicate creations can only be found in Limoges, France.

No.19 Collection by Fairfax & Roberts Home works exclusively in Australia with a seventh-generation French Limoges manufacturer to create timeless works of art. 

Enjoy sophisticated beauty and understated elegance with Limoges porcelain from No.19 by Fairfax & Roberts Home. 

Visit us in-store at 19 Castlereagh Street in Sydney to view the collections or book an appointment for your bespoke tableware collection.



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